About Us

CFPclubindia is an interactive & informative platform for personal finance, established with the objective to empower all its stakeholders.

CFPclubindia provides financial literacy to its subscribers by enlightening with basic financial concepts to all categories of Indian citizen including children at the school level. It carries out relevant activities for its subscribers to counter miss-representation and miss-selling of financial assets.

Concurrently it promotes financial planning certifications and interactive platform before the self employed and employed personal finance professional like the planners, IFAs and bankers, employees of mutual funds, insurance companies respectively along with career oriented students. CFPclubindia believes that the career oriented professionals who cater much needed services of managing personal finance solutions has to accept the concept of financial planning to retain their demand and need in the rapidly changing personal finance industry.

CFPclubindia appeals the community of personal finance professionals to gather the skill of financial planning or work hand in hand with Financial Planners approved FPSB in India, in the interest of its clients.