Happiness links to financial planning


Happiness has a special function. When our moods are elevated and we are confident or are in proper discipline, dopamine, a neuro-chemical that makes us happy, is released in our brains. Moments when we feel positive and confident are also the moments when our brains are most capable of adapting to changes in the world around us and therefore make us happy always.

When it comes to balancing money with happiness there is some rule to be followed. Money can’t buy us happiness and it is also true that there is certainly unhappiness caused through not having money, especially at times when you really need it. Being in control of your finances, therefore, most certainly give a sense of confidence to be happy. Overall happiness, wellbeing and self-esteem are influenced by our sense of financial control and not by how much we earn and how much we have saved or invested every month. It reveals that those with sensible financial planning in place are happier overall and have a stronger sense of “financial wellbeing”.

Having a financial plan in place need not be difficult and can make such a difference to everyone. Even for them  who may have greater level of assets or deposits need not make him happy if it is not planned .Financial planning increases chances of eventually reaching of the desired destination, only  then can one truly enjoy money and the comfort, security and luxuries. Not having your plans in place may mean that some of those dreams eventually turn into nightmares.

Most of us even don’t have any understanding of financial products and carry on procuring it without any financial planning, rising to poor self-esteem. At the same time, many people with a credit card do not know their outstanding balance and feel out of control with their debt. Many who have a pension do not feel confident that they have the right pension provision in place.

The main goal of financial planning to have a sustainable happiness throughout the life span. It provides a better control to life challenges and considers individual priorities and need at first place. Hence getting abundance of properties and investment products without a proper financial planning cannot give us happiness. A financial planning that considers planning of tax, will, charity, vacation, health, budgeting basic expenses etc along with specific future financial needs gives one more confidence and gives a reason for sustainable smile and happiness.