By increasing inflation and new personal expenses heads, it sometimes may become difficult to maintain lifestyle with the income of single earning male member. So, the housewives in India should start to support in the common pool of family income. The housewives just need to choose the right job for them depending on their comfort level and their area of skill to earn some extra money. This will help them for a productive use of their time and to maintain a comfortable lifestyle of her family. But it is also necessary to maintain a good balance between such job and their primary duty to carry it uninterrupted.

There are many work opportunities available which can be monitored from home. Many housewives in India are earning significant income through various services of their choice both online and offline by just engaging 4 to 5 hours per day. A few of such jobs are listed below…


Academic tuition Class

Tailoring designer cloths

Ethnic Food Service

Other hobby classes

English/foreign language coaching classes

Accounting job


Match making

Few profession planning & consultancy on personal finance, legal matters, career, wedding, diet

Travel agency

Running a beauty parlour

Blogging and many more….

However being a housewife is itself a unique designation which is very praiseworthy. Such dedicated services to a family are admirable enough and worth more than professional income.